How It Works

The basic procedure for wwoofers (volunteers) who wish WWOOFING in Spain  

Plan Ahead

Read over the website and make sure you are or can enter legally in Spain and understand what is WWOOF

Sign up to WWOOF Spain

Gain access to the network of WWOOF hosts and learning oportunities in Spain. 

Find a Host

Use our search features/map to pinpoint hosts that match your learning interests and criteria.

Contact Hosts

Show your interest and get to know each other better.


Have fun and share your experience along the way.


WWOOFers spend their days living with the host family and learning about agro-ecological and sustainable farming methods through first-hand experience, with no money exchanged between hosts and WWOOFers. WWOOFing is a way to learn practical farming and gardening skills, be part of the organic agricultural movement and experiencing the heart of its culture.

 Any farm or organic initiative in rural environment developing sustainably it has  the possibility of becoming a WWOOF Farm.

As a member of WWOOF Spain (you must be at least 18 years old) you will be able to contact hundreds of organic farms in Spain and arrange WWOOF stays.Membership is valid for one year from the day you join.

No previous experience is required to join, although you must be an adult and physically fit to sign up for your own account.

WWOOFing provides you with a way to learn about organic food, agriculture, and sustainable ways of living. You will also have the opportunity to meet local people, make friends and create new connections with the land.

We encourage you to become a WWOOFer (or a host farm) if you wish to live and support organic farming culture.

Share daily life with farmers and growers - learn about agro-ecological methods and sustainability